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Testimonials to Commonwealth Painting of Richmond Virginia

"My house and garage look better than they have in years." - Dr. Eleanor C. Snellings
"Your crew did an excellent job in removing the wallpaper...and in making the two rooms look just like new." - James A. Kline, IV
"Bill was easy to work with and came up with a lot of very helpful suggestions to improve the quality of the job and prevent future problems." -
Walter R. Staples, III
"We couldn't be happier with the quality of Commonwealth Painting's work, and can't imagine working with a better team of craftsmen." -
Susan and Carlton Gunn
"Your materials were the best, and as promised." - Richard Belgrade, M.D.
"Thanks for all the top notch work you have done for me over the years. As always, Commonwealth Painting is my choice to use and recommend to my business associates and friends." -
Linda J. Staples, CAI, AARE, Tranzon
"We were impressed with the amount of time your crew spent on preparation, and the results are absolutely breathtaking..." -
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart T. Leeth
"You and your painters exceeded all of our expectations...Best of all, the quality of work was wonderful." - Barbara Bennett, Realtor
"...did an extraordinary job...water-damaged walls...falling plaster and paint elsewhere have all been corrected...They matched their superb workmanship with courtesy and speed." -
Norrece T. Jones, Jr., Ph.D.
"The house looks great and John and I have already received many compliments." - Jon H. & BJ McNally
"We get many compliments from our neighbors, but our greatest pleasure is in enjoying how good our house looks!" -
Mary Harding Sadler, Historical Architect
"Thank you so much for returning to paint Amy's room ... The original paint job you did for our Windsor Farms home 11 + years ago has lasted so well that nothing else needs painting. Even though Amy's room still looked fine, the wallpaper that was great for a 5 year old girl was dated and she is now a very happy teenager with her new Pineapple Grove yellow walls!" - Linda J. Staples
"Mr. Rose and his staff have been very efficient, very careful and very clean. They have done an outstanding job with the plaster work as well as with all of the painting." - Nancy Stinglets
"Heartfelt thanks for a job well done! Kathryn and I appreciate your attention to detail and the fine quality of your work."  - Tim 
"I want to congratulate you for the excellent job you did in painting my house. It was first-class in all respects." - Walter R. Staples, III
"The work is superb. In addition, it was a pleasure to have these painters at our home - all were cheerful, polite, on time, neat, and expert at their craft." -
Norma Pierce
"Thanks to you and your painters - all of them seem to tale an interest in their work. We have had so many complements on our newly painted home." - Marjorie Noble
"Your prompt response, the professionalism of your crew, the quality of your work, and your commitment to total customer satisfaction are traits that are rarely seen and experienced these days in any craft or trade. I am sure you and your crew are proud of your reputation as exhibited by your efficient workmanlike manner. You have attained a level of expertise that will earn you years of well deserved referrals." -
Robert B. Green
"Your guys are very professional, friendly and clean. I would give you all the highest recommendation anytime." - Ken Langston
If you need repair work done before painting, call Commonwealth Paint. We’ll do the job!

Minor carpentry work and plaster/drywall repair are sometimes necessary before painting can begin. Commonwealth Painting Company’s craftsmen can complete these projects. Commonwealth Painting of Richmond, VA also specializes in many forms of restoration, including re-sculpting of antique molding and replacing missing parts. Commonwealth Painting Company has been certified in the removal and disposal of lead-based paints.

Commonwealth Painting of Richmond, Virginia (VA) is a residential painting contractor servicing the greater Richmond metro area. Commonwealth specializes in interior/exterior house painting, restoration painting, historic home preservation, molding repair and replacement, and drywall repair. Our professional, experienced crews focus on that unique look for your home