Bill Rose

Commonwealth Painting
5217 King William Road
Richmond, VA 23225


Dear Bill,


Carlton and I spent the weekend admiring the transformation of our walls and woodwork. We couldn't be happier with the quality of Commonwealth Painting's work, and can't imagine working with a better team of craftsmen.


We realize that ours was a challenging assignment. Not only do we have an older house (95 years old) including a large amount of woodwork, we needed you to coordinate the project with the timing of our floor-refinishing project. You were able to accomplish this despite any additional time we required to try various paint choices to find a final paint color. We thank you for the determination to find the colors that we wanted and the patience that required. The end effect is perfect!


After three weeks of painting in your home, the painting company becomes the persons you see on a daily basis. Ty and Randy were unquestionably the highest of professionals. They started the project with what seemed to be an almost unrealistic expectation of customer satisfaction. They assured us that we would be happy when it was over, and then reassured us throughout the project of that promise. By the end of our job, late in the day of the third week, they had maintained the same conduct and attitude never showing a moment's hesitation when we made a request ranging from a small retouch to a color change in a room. Even though we were aware that we had an older house that could never be perfect, our goal was an end product of high quality within reasonable limits. They were very skilled in helping us achieve the quality that was possible with incredible patience and good cheer. It was a pleasure working with them. Also, two new painters joined your staff during our project. Both Ben and Carl were excellent painters and they exemplified the same courteousness and desire to satisfy our needs. It was a pleasure to have your staff in our home.


We would wouldn't hesitate to contact you whenever we would have painting needs again and will also not hesitate to refer others to you. I hope that this written recommendation will be useful to potential clients as they consider using your service for the first time.


Again, many thanks to you and your staff.


Best wishes,


  Susan Gunn 

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