1600 Monument Avenue
Apartment 703

Richmond, Virginia 23220  



Mr. Edward Maynes, Sr., CRS, CPM

Atlantic Beacon Co.
Realty Management, Inc.
1335 W. Broad Street

Richmond, Virginia 23220


Dear Mr. Maynes,


Happy New Year! I am writing to thank you for employing the Commonwealth Painting Company to do the extensive repairs needed in my apartment. In just two days - January 2nd and 3rd, 1991 -

Mr. Bill Rose, the owner of Commonwealth Painting, and Mr. Danny Webb, an employee, did an extraordinary job. The water-damaged walls and ceiling in my bedroom and the falling plaster and paint elsewhere have all been corrected with a swiftness and professionalism that I cannot commend enough. Anyone seeing my place would find it hard to believe that it is the same apartment that just a week ago had two gaping holes in the bedroom ceiling and chunks of plaster falling from the ceiling and walls of my study, living room, and dining room. They matched their superb workmanship with courtesy and speed.


I had not met either Rose or Webb before, but I will be sure to recommend Commonwealth Painting Company to my friends. The genuine pride that they both demonstrated and expressed in their work was fully warranted. As a result of their very fine

painting and plastering, I finally feel at home in my Stuart Court apartment. Again, thank you.




  Norrece T. Jones, Jr., Ph.D.

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