Bill Rose
President, Commonwealth Painting
5717 King William Rd.
Richmond VA 23225





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Dear Bill,  


Thank you so much for returning to paint Amy's room and the upstairs bath! The original paint job you did for our Windsor Farms home 11 + years ago has lasted so well that nothing else needs painting. Even though Amy's room still looked fine, the wallpaper that was great for a 5 year old girl was dated and she is now a very happy teenager with her new Pineapple Grove yellow walls!


As always, Commonwealth Painting is my choice to use and recommend to my friends. I am sure that people can obtain less costly estimates but I have no doubt the paint job would not last as long. The whole key to excellent painting is proper preparation in terms of scraping, sanding, wall repair and priming. Once that is finished, top quality paint is needed for a lasting finish. You and your staff are experienced and knowledgeable and consistently produce work of the highest caliber. Commonwealth has been taken care of my painting needs for my residence and my rental properties for over 15 years.


Additionally, you arid your crew are neat and careful about your surroundings which makes it a pleasure to have you around. We will need to discuss painting the exterior trim in the Spring; I have already consulted my decorator, Mary Martin Ullman about new colors for the outside.


Please feel free to give my name as a satisfied customer to any prospective homeowners should they ask for a reference.





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