Linda J. Staples, CAI, AARE
Richmond Division

7 North Robinson Street
Richmond VA 23220

Bill Rose
President, Commonwealth Painting
5717 King William Rd.
Richmond V A 23225


Dear Bill


Thanks for all the top notch work you have done for me over the years. As always, Commonwealth Painting is my choice to use and recommend to my business associates and friends. I am sure that people can obtain less costly estimates but I have no doubt the paint job would not last as long. The whole key to excellent painting is proper preparation in terms of scraping, sanding, wall repair and priming. Once that is finished, top quality paint is needed for a lasting finish. You and your staff are experienced and knowledgeable and consistently produce work of the highest caliber. Commonwealth has been taken care of my painting needs for my residence and my rental properties for over 15 years.


If you can give me a supply of your business cards, I'll be happy to recommend your services when I sell a house that needs painting; I can staple your card in the folder that I give the buyers after the auction which contains the purchase agreement and other pertinent information about their new property.


Please feel free to give my name as a satisfied customer to any prospective homeowners should they ask for a reference.



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